Additional Resources

We invite you to check out the following additional resources and information about Evolution and Intelligent Design in a Nutshell and the arguments and issues we discuss in the book. You can also find some of these resources at Evolution News and our series of podcasts at ID the Future.

The Science – Recent Interviews and Podcasts

Dissecting an Unbelievable Conversation about Abiogenesis” and “Physicist Brian Miller Talks Nanotech, Origin of Life, and Area 51.” Author Eric Anderson talks with Dr. Brian Miller about the origin of life and a recent discussion between origin of life investigators Jeremy England and Paul Davies. September 1 and 8, 2021.

Origin of Life’s Purple Unicorn: Protocells.” Author Eric Anderson talks with medical engineer and origin of life researcher Robert Stalder about the idea of a “protocell,” and why this imaginary entity is not a helpful solution to the origin of life problem. April 6, 2021.

Going Strong One Year On.” ID the Future host Andrew McDiarmid interviews author Eric Anderson about Evolution and Intelligent Design in a Nutshell, discussing the book’s reception and value for both seasoned readers and those new to the debate. March 8, 2021.

Great Expectations: Origins in Science Education.” Article by Eric Anderson discussing the serious public misconceptions about the accomplishments of abiogenesis scientists in the lab, picking up on the point raised by synthetic organic chemist James Tour in his online YouTube course about the origin of life. February 19, 2021.

RNA World in a World of Hurt.” Author Eric Anderson talks with biophysicist Cornelius Hunter about the RNA World hypothesis and the growing problems with the RNA-first explanation for the origin of life. February 8, 2021.

New Origin-of-Life Proposal Revives a Hopeful Monster.” Author Eric Anderson talks with scientist and medical engineer Robert Stadler about a recent origin of life article in New Scientist, acknowledging that the main approaches to origin of life are inadequate and proposing that the key cellular aspects had to instead come together all at once in a “chemical big bang.” September 2, 2020.

Fine Tuning in a Nutshell: No Problem.” Interview with Dr. Robert Alston, regarding the origin and fine-tuning of the universe and the implications for design. August 3, 2020.

Janet Mefferd Today interview with Eric Anderson about the origin of life (starting at 24:45). July 24, 2020.

BreakPoint interview with Eric Anderson hosted by Shane Morris. July 13, 2020.

“In a Nutshell: Three Great Problems for Evolution.” Part II of an interview with Dr. Waltzer, discussing the challenge to Darwin’s theory posed by irreducible complexity, as well as the concept of common descent and the importance of biological information. July 6, 2020.

“Off the Cuff: Evolution and Intelligent Design in a Nutshell.” Joseph Miller sits down with Eric Anderson for an hour-long, wide-ranging discussion about the origin of life. Starting at 31:13, Anderson analyzes Lee Cronin’s research effort toward the Evolution 2.0 $10 million AI and Origin of Life Prize, and how the materialistic worldview impacts the way research is interpreted and presented to the public. July 1, 2020.

“Robert Waltzer on Evolutionary Theory’s Room for Humility.” Part I of an interview with Dr. Robert Waltzer, discussing key evolutionary terms that are often conflated, as well as the problem of assuming relatedness among organisms based on similarities. June 29, 2020.

“New ID Book Zeroes in on Evolution’s Zero-Probability Problem.” Part II of an interview with Eric Anderson, discussing self-replication and the unsupportable views of Darwin and Dawkins regarding the early Earth environment. June 15, 2020.

“Origin Stories–RNA, DNA, and a Dose of Imagination.” Article by Eric Anderson regarding a recent paper in the prestigious journal Nature about origin of life. June 12, 2020.

“New ID Book Puts ‘Self-Replicating Molecules’ Under the Microscope.” Part I of an interview with Eric Anderson, regarding the relevance of Darwinian evolution to the origin of life and the concept of a self-replicating molecule. June 10, 2020.

Evolution and Intelligent Design in a Nutshell — An Excerpt.” Excerpt from Chapter 3 regarding the origin of life, read by the author, Eric Anderson. May 27, 2020. Also available on YouTube here.

“Book Excerpt: The Big Bang and the Fine-Tuned Universe.” Excerpt from Chapter 1 regarding the evidence for design from cosmology, by Dr. Robert Alston. May 26, 2020.

In the News – Announcements About the Book

“Biology Professor Challenges Theory of Evolution with New Book.” Writeup by Belhaven University regarding Dr. Robert Waltzer’s chapter on irreducible complexity. June 10, 2020.

“Evolving a Self-Replicating Molecule Is a ‘Purple Unicorn.'” Announcement about a book excerpt from Chapter 3 read by the author, Eric Anderson. May 27, 2020.

“A Hot Seller from Discovery Institute Press, New Book Offers Intelligent Design ‘In a Nutshell.'” Announcement about the new book. May 20, 2020.

“New Book: Evolution and Intelligent Design in a Nutshell.” Interview with Dr. Thomas Lo regarding his vision for the book and his goals in getting it published. May 20, 2020.

Publisher’s announcement regarding the new book. May 2020.